eco-themed books, travel and projects

Gdynia’s urban art – a few words about Traffic Design

UrCup – a deposit cup system implemented in Gdynia

Gdynia Design Days: ethical design, sustainability and cities of the future

Éric Baratay and the Animal Point of View

Plant the Air – students against smog

A few ecology lessons from Netflix

A few tips for more sustainable travel

Dark side of tourism. Is it possible to travel without destroying the planet?

How to give up plastic? A review of a book by Will McCallum.

About veganism without fanaticism. A good book not only for vegans.

How do they do it in Berlin?

The Sixth Extinction

About plant-based cuisine. My favourite cookbooks.

How do they do it in Lisbon?

Volunteering as a way to see the world. A few memories from France.

A summary of the month.

An interview with a volunteer Foodsaver

Where folk art and business meet. How the Serfenta Association supports traditional craft.

Volunteering for Szlachetna Paczka

A few words about volunteering

Overbooked. The exploding business of travel and tourism.

How do they do it in Dublin?

How do they do it in Budapest?

101 ways to reduce your food waste. A review of the new book by Anna Pitt.

Autumnal colours in Cieszyn and a zero waste exhibition

Don’t feed the garbage patch! A few more tricks to limit plastic waste.

4 mobile apps to help you with ethical shopping (and more)!

WWOOF – volunteering on organic farms

The History of Bees by Maja Lunde.

Eat, share, love. Some facts about foodsharing in Poland.

„Ananas” – the first Warsaw’s shop selling vegan shoes

Conservation Atlas – a project moved by nature

OLIO – or the food sharing revolution!

Reducing plastic use