OLIO – or the food sharing revolution!

Do you want to make a good use of your surplus food? And, at the same time, have a closer relationship with your neighbours? Then you should install the OLIO app!

Some time ago, I came across an interesting article on the BBC website, thanks to which I found out about OLIO – a free application, available all over the world. The app facilitates sharing with people living in the same city/town/area, and, at the same time, establishing closer relationships between neighbours.

The OLIO founders are two ladies – Tessa Cook – a British – and Saasha Celestial One – an American. The app was first made available in 2016 and since then it has attracted approximately 110,000 users and facilitated an exchange of 150,000 food items – or, in other words, 30 tonnes of food and 70,000 meals! Not a bad result for such a short period of time! OLIO can be used both by individuals, as well as companies, cafés or shops. Like I have already said, the app is available basically everywhere but in many countries it has not yet become popular. The most of its users are probably based in the UK or Scandinavian countries. I installed the app as soon as I found out about its existence but, being based in Warsaw, the closest available products advertised that I can see are around…800 kilometres away. Which is a pity because some of them look really tasty. Maybe when more people find about OLIO , we can start using it on a daily basis also in Poland (and other countries).

OLIO founders. Photo by AnnabelStaffPhotography (via OLIO Press Pack)
When can you use OLIO?

– You are moving to a new place and don’t want to transport the content of your fridge with you

– Someone gave you an unwanted item that you would never buy otherwise (because, for example, you don’t eat sweets or meat, or you don’t drink alcohol)

– You have organized a party (for example, a wedding) and there is a lot of food left

– You are going on holiday

– You have surplus fruits and vegetable from your garden/farm that you are afraid is going to go to waste

– ….and lots more

Photo by AnnabelStaffPhotography (via OLIO Press Pack)
How does it work?

– download the app

– click the + sign on the very bottom of your screen

– choose the section (offering – if you want to share food, wanted – if you are looking for a specific item)

– click on the camera icon and upload a picture of your product. Remember only to add food that you would like to eat yourself

– add a title and describe briefly the offered item

– describe the approximate pick-up location – you can select it on the map

– select pick-up times

All sorted!

Interesting links:
  1. To download OLIO and read more go on: https://olioex.com/
  2. The BBC article on OLIO (and other interesting apps) http://www.bbc.com/news/business-36542244
  3. Some numbers and statistics regarding food waste on the website of the European Federation and Food Banks https://www.eurofoodbank.org/




    1. Tak, mam zainstalowaną apkę, ale z tego, co widzę, w mojej najbliższej okolicy (Warszawa) nie ma wielu użytkowników (to znaczy, są zerejestrowani, ale nie wystawiają rzeczy). Sama może kiedyś coś wystawię z ciekawości, ale rzadko generuję nadwyżki jedzenia. Może kiedyś się upowszechni w Polsce, myślę, że mogłoby to być fajne uzupełnienie dla jadłodzielni (albo narzędzie pomocnicze dla nich).

  1. Pomysłowe, polecę mojej szwagierce, która mieszka w Birmingham. W naszym przypadku taki nadmiar jedzenia zdarza się rzadko, ale pamiętam sytuację, gdy mieliśmy kilka kilogramów grzybów i nie daliśmy rady ich rozdać na czas.

    1. Na pewno warto próbować wszelkich metod 🙂 Aha, na OLIO można też oddawać wszelkie zbędne rzeczy, nie tylko jedzenie (sekcja non-food).

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