Eat, share, love. Some facts about foodsharing in Poland.

It is still summer – the time of weddings, holidays and fruit & veg harvest. These are typically situations in which we are often left with surplus food. And, as the humankind is particularly good at food wasting (some data can be found here), a lot of this surplus food will end up in bins. But what if we prefer to show our respect towards work and natural resources that have been invested in the production of this food? Well, of course it would be good to share it with someone. Fortunately, a few solutions have already been invented. Recently, I have published a post about OLIO, which is a great mobile app, but so far it has not been very commonly used in my country. Today I would like to write about another idea, which is becoming increasingly popular in Poland – Foodsharing Boxes.

What is a Foodsharing Box?

This is simply a fridge or a cupboard placed at a generally accessible location, such as a university, workplace or café, where people can bring their surplus food or grab what others have left.

Recently, I have had a chance to talk to Karolina Hansen, the founder of the first Polish Foodsharing Box and a great supporter of the foodsharing movement. Karolina answered my questions related to this initiative in Poland. This is what I found out:

A colourful and cheerful Foodsharing fridge at the Faculty of Sociology, University of Warsaw, address: Karowa 18, opening times: 8am – 9 pm

Who is in charge of the project?

Foodsharing Point at Bazar Lotników (a marketplace). Address: Aleja Lotników 1, Warsaw, stand number 83A, opening times: Monday-Friday 7am-7pm, Saturday 8am-2pm
Foodsharing fridge at Bazar Lotników. Apart from this one, there is another small fridge and a few cupboards.
And this is a Foodsharing cupboard located at Zamoyskiego Street in Warsaw (outside the cafe Stół Powszechny, the building of the Powszechny theatre). Open 24 hours every day.

How can I get involved?

If food waste bothers you and you would like to help reduce it, you can get involved in a few different ways:

Interesting links

The idea of foodsharing is present in other countries, in different forms:

The concept of foodsharing arrived to Poland from Germany. On this website you can locate foodsharing initiatives in Germany, Austria and Switzerland:

Here you can read about a volunteer-based project in Scotland:

“Yo no desperdicio” is a mobile app and a website helping to prevent food waste in Spain:



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