Gdynia Design Days: ethical design, sustainability and cities of the future

Some time ago I moved to Gdynia – a city located at the Baltic seaside. As a new inhabitant of this cool place, I’m very excited about the summertime. First of all, because of the sunny weather, loosening Covid restrictions and generally being at the seaside in summer. At the same time, I’m also looking forward to all interesting cultural events taking place in the summertime at the Baltic seaside. One of them is the Gdynia Design Days festival, the 14th edition of which will take place from the 3rd to the 11th of July.

Online and offline mode

You don’t need to come to Tricity to participate in the festival, as it includes both online and offline events (some of them will also be held in English). People staying in Gdynia will be able to visit exhibitions and participate in themed city walks, whereas everyone can join remotely to listen to lectures, take part in discussions and watch a few documentaries. To access all the online events, you only have to register an account on the festival’s website: In addition, people with an active account can book a place at exhibitions and city tours and add to their calendar the online events they are interested in.

A poster of Gdynia Design Days displayed at a bus stop.

Gdynia Design Days festival is one of the most interesting events dedicated to architecture, urban planning, arts and crafts. This year’s theme is Solidarity – understood as the responsibility for the society and for the planet. The festival’s hosts remind us that nobody lives in a vacuum. Therefore, if we want to build harmonious and friendly cities, we have to consider the needs of many stakeholders. Sustainability and ethical design also constitute a common theme of most events hosted during the festival. I think that anyone who cares about the planet will find something interesting and inspiring at this year’s edition.

Gdynia Design Days festival – a few words about the programme

So far, I have signed up for the following city tours:

  1. What if continuous growth becomes impossible?
  2. What if design is ethical?
  3. New European Bauhaus.

When it comes to online lectures, I’m planning to join these:

  1. A better normal.
  2. Beyond human centered design. Is Planet Centric Design the solution?
  3. New Times New Roman.
  4. Sustainable business – an overview of trends, models and solutions.
  5. Green festivals.
  6. Solidary results from culture? Kashubian experiences.
  7. The future starts today – examples of innovative urban projects?

All the above events sound very tempting and I really hope I will be able to join most of them.

On top of that, there are many more interesting lectures, discussions and film screenings that I have not mentioned above. I recommend you to check the festival’s website. The full programme can be found here:

Other interesting aspects of the festival of Gdynia

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